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Customer Services

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Have your own toll-free number in the USA or the UK, for home or business.
Jetting off to North America? Don't leave without our Travel Advantage card.
      Check Your Call Details
  Check Your Sunbeach Acct.
  Get Auto-Recharge
  Warranty & Service Packs
  Monthly Calling Plans
  Check Your Account Balance
  U.S.-Caribbean Calling
  Scotiabank On-line Payments

How to Check Your Call Details

Be sure to have your Appliance Account Number and PIN on hand (if you're a TelecommsPlus customer, contact us if you can't find yours).

You'll need to insert the Account number (10 digits) and PIN (four digits) to get access to details of your calls, including call dates, times of day, countries and numbers called, duration and cost of calls, total amount spent and current account balance.

Then just click here, enter the Account Number and PIN and do your search.


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