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Yap Jack Pro II

The top of-the-line Internet Phone for dial-up Internet users. Needs a calling account and a compatible Internet Service Provider (ISP). Works with corded or cordless phones.

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The Yap Jack Pro is the culmination of years of experience with Internet Phones. It's best dial-up phone adapter ever made. All you need is a compatible Internet service and a calling account - and we provide both!

Key advantages of the ProII:

  • Good call quality;
  • Sturdier unit;
  • No need to hang-up and wait for ring back;
  • Same incredible rates (e.g. 10 cents a minute to US, Canada, 5 cents to UK, 14 cents to Trinidad);
  • Can be used unit-to-unit at one cent a minute;
  • Provides a low-cost solution for Internet cafes;
  • Can be connected to a printer to output customer bills for calling cafes;
  • Accommodates both corded and cordless phones;
  • Can be configured to better handle less than ideal connection conditions.
Like our other services talk time is pre-paid.
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